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Our Client

A and N Mortgage is an established mortgage company based in Chicago, Illinois. A and N prides itself on managing the full loan process, ensuring clients benefit from fast, efficient service and the best available rates.

A and N Mortgage Challenge

The Challenge

A and N Mortgage Challenge

SEO marketing strategies for mortgage brokers are complex. There aren’t many keywords to target while the most popular keywords attract over 22,000 searches a day. Our client is locally known, but their online efforts weren’t producing results. YourPortal was hired to grow organic traffic and increase sales of home loans/refinancing.

A Focused Strategy

  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Targeted Content Curation / Design
  • Improved Blog Post Content
  • Built Internal Site Links
  • Optimized Page Headings/Titles/Descriptions
  • Optimized YouTube Videos
  • Built Comprehensive Links

A Focused Strategy

Utilizing a custom-built SEO strategy, targeted keywords appeared higher on page rankings resulting in increased, high-value traffic.

Before YourPortal SEO
After YourPortal SEO

Improvement Highlights

95% increase in goal conversion rate

300% increase in total users

680% increase in goals completed

755% increase in new users

2X Increase in
Organic Traffic

Page One Rankings

Since starting this project, we have delivered impressive results. Important keywords that were not previously ranked are now on page one of Google.

Ranked 4th

Chicago Home Loans

Ranked 5th

Chicago Mortgage Broker

Ranked 5th

Mortgage Broker Chicago

Impressive Results

The improvements we made with keywords are illustrated in the tables below, with highly competitive keywords delivering great results. Many of these keywords were not ranking at the start of this project!

A local

Phase two focused on improving website visibility in local Google search results. With laser targeted strategies, we helped increase phone calls, website visits, and leads generated.

About Us

In 2011, Many business owners were dealing with outdated websites and disorganized daily marketing processes. There was a shortage of affordable marketing experts who specialized in web design and digital marketing and that is why YourPortal was created. Built by an entrepreneurial team for the benefit of small to medium-sized businesses, YourPortal accelerates your online growth. Our Team has 30+ years of combined experience in strategy, design, digital marketing, and sales allowing us to improve online presence and drive significant revenue for our clients. If you want impressive results, contact us today

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  • Outperform your competition
  • Improve your ROI
  • Obtain higher qualified traffic
  • Outperform your competition
  • Improve your ROI
  • Obtain higher qualified traffic
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