Marketing Strategy Behind ROCKS Northcenter’s Unique New Year’s Eve!

Many bars use special, seasonal events to bring in extra sales…

Spring is great for Cubs games, Summer promises graduations and club sports sponsorships and Fall profits from Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving. The Winter, however, can be a slow season for many if your bar doesn’t get creative.

Unique holiday and New Year’s celebrations are a perfect example of how to start your Winter of high selling events off right.

No one is kicking their Chicago Winter off quite like ROCKS Northcenter, a long time YourPortal client that really knows how to make their brand shine.

From their decor to their website content, ROCKS radiates ‘cool food and drinks for cool people.’ They have amazing party packages for adults and kids, host an annual golf tournament and are a hot spot for watching wrestling and big fights.

The crown jewel of ROCKS’ marketing strategy this year, however, has to be their 2017 New Year’s Eve party.

Kid-Specific New Year’s Eve Bash at ROCKS NorthCenter –

     Instead of throwing a huge banger at ROCKS Northcenter, owners George Manta and Tim Shepardson use the cool branding of ROCKS to do something different that could make all his customers happy by offering a KID specific New Year’s Eve bash.

With three different time frames, this event allows family focused folks a chance to spend some time with their kids before heading out for the night. Better yet, kids get a chance to dance, eat and celebrate their kind of New Year for once with others their age. 

As to the success of this event, the numbers say it all; ROCKS has already sold a ton of NYE tickets, which means their Winter will not be one of discontent! If you want to get in on the amazing event before it sells out, grab your affordable tickets here!

Great job to ROCKS and Good Luck to all Chicago bars this Winter season. Remember, if you ever need help organizing a marketing strategy, revamping your online presence or dreaming up your next big event idea, YourPortal Online is just an email away!