Instant Food, Transportation, and… Party Booking?

In a world of ‘instants’,  your dinner quickly appears at your door and a car ride to your big meeting is only a click away. As a bar manager or owner with a busy schedule, you deserve instant results, too.

This time, it’s your event and party sales that will arrive at hyper-speed, when you upgrade to The PartyPortal.

You can now manage sales virtually by automating several steps in your booking process and providing easy, do-it-yourself tools to your customers.

Easy, Online Party Planning Options with The PartyPortal –

The PartyPortal moves the entire process of selling and managing events online, just like the ‘instant satisfaction’ apps that dominate markets today. 

Unlike mobile apps, the Portal is a simple web-based platform that is customized to integrate with your website and email account. You can now manage sales virtually by automating several steps in your booking process and providing easy, do-it-yourself tools to your customers. 

Even if you already automate part of your party booking process, like an inquiry form on your website that auto-replies to inquiries with a ‘We will get back to you asap!’, you can lose sales to human error, inferior technology or a lack of streamlined information.

The Party Portal simplifies every step of the booking process so that no business is lost.

After years of working with the hospitality industry, improving marketing and web design, The PartyPortal creators know that more customers want easy, online party planning options.

When booking information is available to customers upfront, you save time going back and forth to secure the sale. Moreover, by offering online tools like digital contracts and an online payment platform to accept deposits or full payment for a party, you’re able to both save time and sell more.

Imagine these four clicks leading to a $3,000 party:

  • Login to
  • view your party booking request
  • send your client’s agreement
  • when the agreement has been signed, send the client an online payment link

Even more, you’ll receive a notification email after each step, so you never forget about potential sales. 

Don’t let your event and party sales get left behind.  Our easy, automated tools keep up with customer demand for you and will get rid of the mistakes made by your old party planning system. 

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