Adapting Your Digital Marketing Strategy To COVID-19

COVID-19 is not only provoking a public health crisis but an economic one too. During these difficult times, companies need to rethink their marketing strategies. Adapting to the current day-to-day changes should be a priority. Here are some of the marketing strategies you should implement in the era of the coronavirus. 

Continue Your SEO

While COVID-19 lockdowns have all but shut down brick-and-mortar businesses, SEO continues to rumble on in the background. Businesses know that they need to maintain their marketing efforts if they want to emerge from the present crisis in good financial condition. Investing in boosting your SEO efforts now will provide you with a big payoff once the economy finally re-opens, especially if your competitors are cutting back. 

Create Valuable Content

COVID-19 is a threat to your business but also an opportunity to develop new and helpful content. What type of material can your company produce that helps customers navigate this challenging time? Consider creating blog posts, videos, and other content that informs and helps your customers while also driving traffic to your website. 

Build Digital Marketing Into Your Emergency Fund

Digital marketing was always essential for the success of your business before COVID-19. But now that we’re amid a global pandemic, it’s even more critical. With lockdowns in place, customers are relying on the internet more than ever before. Your priorities should include things like blogging, email marketing, website development, and search engine optimization. Even if you find that your marketing budget has changed, you should work with your agency to negotiate a budget that matches your marketing goals.

Talk About The Situation, But Avoid Anything That Creates Panic Or Fear

Businesses should acknowledge the threat that COVID-19 is a serious crisis, but they shouldn’t use fear to induce panic buying. Civilization will survive COVID-19, companies will return, and the country will eventually resume its prior course. 

Successful firms will walk a fine line between being candid about the public health threat while also avoiding any damage to customer trust if they try to overplay their hand. The trick here is to find ways to provide unique value to customers while the lockdown continues. Marketing new internet-based consultations or home delivery services is essential. 

Offer Your Customers Special Offers

Uncertainty is at an all-time high right now. Firms don’t know whether they will survive the economic lockdown. For that reason, a lot of executives are slashing spending to levels not seen since the financial crisis. 

Industries need to come up with special offers to keep their revenues ticking over for the next few weeks. Ideas include:

  • Restaurant delivery services
  • Home services that don’t require entering the home
  • Online consultations 

Speak With The Pros

Finally, it is worth speaking to your marketing agency about the strategies they recommend you take during the crisis. Your priority should be to retain business from your loyal customers and emerge from the pandemic in a stronger position than your rivals. 

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