5 Ways YourPortal Can Prevent Website from Getting Hacked

There are many ways that hackers can break into or corrupt a standard unprotected website. In fact, if a hacker is determined enough, there is almost no way to prevent an advanced hack.

It’s also true that WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems in the world, can be particularly vulnerable to hacks. Some of the most common types of hacks on WordPress include injecting code into your server, cracking your password or finding vulnerabilities within a plugin or post in order to gain access to the website’s backend.

These hacks can be perpetrated en masse by robots that are engineered to attack thousands of websites at a time. Scared yet? As a YourPortal client, you don’t have to be.

The popularity that puts a target on the back of WordPress sites is definitely warranted. At YourPortal,  the content management system is our development platform of choice because it’s easy to use, affordable and customizable. With custom themes and security plugins you can easily build a layered, varied defense against common hacks, and some more complex attacks. For YourPortal clients, quality, attentive protection is guaranteed.

So don’t fear! Beyond our standard, secure programming practices that safeguard our clients’ WordPress sites (themes, databases and access files), there are a few extra precautions we go through to defend your web presence. Read on to learn a little more about how YourPortal has your back.


#1. Password Security with Your Portal’s Advanced Password Generator

Passwords were a line of defense during prohibition and are equally critical to protecting your website. With WordPress sites, password security is multi-faceted.

YourPortal’s advanced password generators protect your site from bots trolling for access. We also track when hackers attempt to access your site so that we can block malicious IP addresses, the platform from password hacking bots. We also track the type of bot used and the usernames hackers attempt to login with, before locking them out.

Finally, in 2016 YourPortal has disabled all “admin” usernames in exchange for more advanced ones, as admin is most commonly targeted.

#2. Google Webmaster Tools

 Your domain name is critical to the success of your business in more ways than one. It is a unique reflection of your ‘brand’ online and it anchors your site to search engine results, those ever elusive online gold mines.

Luckily, YourPortal can verify your domain with Google’s Search Console. Part of the beauty is that we alone have access to your domain unless we are working with an in-house IT team or 3rd party network security provider.

With the help of Search Console, domain owners can study their website’s performance in Google results. More important, the tool shows how search results sometimes go wrong. It tracks the keywords that lead someone to your site, stays on top of search results associated with your domain and alerts owners to malicious content on their domain.

If your site is hacked, Search Console notifies you of unusual content associated with your URLs that used to be healthy. Often, Google will mark your site as harmful for visitors until this unhealthy, unusual content is removed. You can now see how Search Console is a critical tool that maintains your website’s reputation. In this way and others, YourPortal monitors your website’s ‘search engine health’.

#3. Security Plugins and Plugin Updates

Plugins can both protect your WordPress and present opportunities for critical hacks. Before YourPortal pushes a site live, we protect it with Wordfence, which is commonly referred to as the best in WordPress protection.

Wordfence is the watchdog of WordPress, it constantly sweeps and protects your site. Some of its protections include Web Application Firewall, Brute Force Attack Blocker, Advanced Manual Blocking, Malware Scanner, Bot and Crawler Attempt Display, Disk Space Monitoring, Detailed IP Info and Tools to Repair Damaged Files.

Still, even the best plugins are vulnerable to hacks. That’s why Wordfence releases its own plugin updates alongside the ever-changing system of WordPress. Even better, The Wordfence plugin sends emails monitoring plugins that present a security risk.

#4. Custom themes that hide WP Versions

Hackers can identify vulnerabilities in your WordPress site or plugins if they know the version of WordPress you’re using. As WordPress updates their core files and structure to avoid new vulnerabilities, lists emerge of potential hacks available for each past version.

YourPortal builds your theme, or outer shell design,  from scratch to avoid hide the WordPress version and avoid vulnerabilities.

#5. Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms around, so our clients benefit from specialized WordPress servers. Unlike other hosting servers, managed WordPress servers come with several security perks.

PCMag recently rated GoDaddy one of the best-managed WordPress hosting services around, which explains why YourPortal recommends it to our clients. One of the household names of hosting, GoDaddy offers WordPress Managed Hosting services that increase the security of your site by ensuring site speeds up to a high number of visitors, promising 99.9% uptime, taking daily backups with 1-click restore options and, best of all, keeping costs low.

YourPortal keeps our own secure backups of your site, but having GoDaddy ensure daily backups on their servers doesn’t hurt!

Sometimes your website is going to be targeted and hackers will gain access. This possibility is exactly why YourPortal uses these 5 tactics, among others, to ensure your site is never down or corrupted for long. When you have access to a team of industry experts, you can be sure your business’ online reputation will stay firmly intact.

If you are concerned about online security, don’t hesitate to Contact us here or reach out to solutions@yourportalonline.com/hospitality!