3 Reasons Why Event and Party Management Tools Are Integral To Your Success As A Venue

How Party Portal Helped Shannon at The Scout Chicago Bring More Revenues & Create Repeat Customers –


Shannon Nelson, Event Manager at The Scout Chicago, is a current subscriber to the Party Portal. She was kind enough to speak to us on how the Portal has helped The Scout book more private parties, bring in revenue through their website, and create a pool of loyal, repeat customers.

Since opening in 2011, The Scout has quickly become a popular hotspot in the South Loop area of Chicago.

After YourPortal redesigned their website in 2015, they implemented the PartyPortal into their event and party management processes. I spoke with her briefly to get her insights about her event management process and how important party bookings are for the growth of her company.

Party Portal - Event & Booking management Tool - The Scout



  1. Streamline Your Daily Operations: “As far as our New Year’s event, having the site and portal integrated made things SO much easier to book, put on, and advertising. When someone contacts us for a party, the portal automatically sends all the info I need to get things started. Also, sending contracts is so convenient. It streamlines things and makes things quicker so we can do more bookings.”

Large events like New Year’s Eve, The Super Bowl, and St. Patrick’s Day can be a logistical nightmare. The Party Portals’ tools organize party packages, communicate with customers, sell tickets, and advertise your event to save you the time and headache of hosting, letting you focus on the daily operations of your venue.

The more time you have, the more parties you book, the more money you make. With every new booking, you have a new pool of customers coming in who will potentially book your venue the next time they’re looking to host an event.

2. Make Changes To Your Website With Ease: “We didn’t have the portal in the original site. Someone else ran the site and it was tougher to access to make changes or update our weekly events. Having The Party Portal made my job easier because I could make changes to the website myself.”

The ability to access your website and change basic features like events, party packages, and menus will not only keep your website up to date, but it shows potential customers that you as an owner, operator, or general manager have a vested interest in the daily operations of your venue.

If your site has your weekly offerings readily available, a customer is more likely to take advantage of something that piques their interest. 

3. Set Yourself Apart From The Competition: “Having the Party Portal at our disposal puts us in a different tier. Clients take us more seriously as an establishment with a system like this in place.”

97% of all consumers research local services online first. The impression your business makes on potential customers starts with your website.

When potential customers visit your site and the user experience is intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing, they’ll feel like booking a party with you will be just as smooth. The more intuitive your site, the more likely a customer is to reach out for more information.

See for yourself what an event and party management software does for your business and website. Contact us for a free trial of the Party Portal and begin making money from your website today!